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NYNAS is major supplier to all OEM manufacturers globally.


"NYTRO BIO 300X is a 100% renewable bio transformer oil with superior performance. A key advantage of this new fluid is that it offers exceptionally good cooling thanks to its ultra-low viscosity. The transformer's winding hot spot temperature can be significantly reduced. Initial studies show up to 10 degrees improvement compared to mineral oils that comply with IEC standard 60296 and around 20 degrees lower compared to ester liquids that comply with IEC standard 61099 or 62770

A renewable hydrocarbon-based insulating fluid with outstanding performance and which is also readily biodegradable. This product meets and exceeds the IEC 60296...
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NYTRO Lyra X (IEC 60296, ED. 4) - High grade
A fully inhibited high-grade oil, NYTRO Lyra X conforms to IEC 60296 Edition 4.0 – including the fulfillment of specific requirements...
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NYTRO 10XN (IEC 60296, ED. 4) - Super grade
NYTRO 10XN is an inhibited super grade that conforms to both ASTM D3487-16 and IEC 60296 Edition 4.0, including the fulfill...
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NYTROLyra4000X(IEC 60296, ED. 4)-Super grade
A fully inhibited high-grade oil, NYTRO Lyra 4000X conforms to IEC 60296 Edition 4.0 – including the...
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NYTROLyra4000A(IEC 60296, ED. 4)-Super grade
A fully inhibited high-grade oil, NYTRO Lyra 4000X conforms to IEC 60296 Edition 4.0 – including...
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NYSWITCHO 3X - Special grade
NYSWITCHO 3X is a special low viscosity switch-gear oil which meets specification IEC 60296(82) Class III A. Read more

NYHIB 10 - Special grade
NYHIB 10 is a ready to use anti oxidant solution for use in inhihited transformer oils. The NYHIB concentration is 10% BHT (DBPC) in transfor...            Read more

NYPASS - Special grade
NYPASS is a concentrate of an oil soluble metal passivator in an un-inhibited mineral transformer Read more

NYTRO Libra (IEC 60296, ED. 4) - Standard grade
NYTRO Libra is an uninhibited transformer oil that conforms to IEC 60296 Edition 4.0. Developed and  Read more

NYTRO Taurus (IEC 60296 ED. 4) - Standard grade
NYTRO Taurus is an uninhibited transformer oil that conforms to IEC 60296 Edition 4.0. Developed       Read more

Transformer oils
Transformer oil insulates and cools transformers. It's used primarily in transformers, but can also be found in other electrical equipment, such as high voltage switches and circuit breakers. Transformer oil must be able to remain stable at high temperatures for long periods of times. The main function of the transformer oils is to ensure insulation and cooling in the transformer. The oils must be able to endure a long and difficult period of heating and electrical stress. The working life of the transformer depends on the quality of the insulation oils.

The characteristics of the transformer oils are defined mostly by the base oil and the process of production. The transformer oils must be safe for use (especially in terms of ecology and human health).

Base oil - The foundation of transformer oils

For decades, NYNAS has used a specially selected crude oil that matches the range of products. It is from this "special" oil that a special refining procedure is used to obtain the base oil used to produce electrical insulation oils. An important difference is that the base oil and its subsequent processing into transformer oil take place in one place. This avoids any contamination of the base oil. If the transformer oil manufacturer does not produce the base oil in the same factory - it cannot be of good quality due to the several transfers in tanks and tankers in which the base oil is contaminated (because they used to transport unrefined oil or motor oils or similar). Then they are forced to add volatile additives to improve the properties of the oils - with which the oils become unstable and largely unsafe


The NYNASHAM refining and hydrogenation process results in a wide range of extremely pure and stable mineral base oils without silicone additives that are later inhibited. NYNAS is constantly investing in the development, research and improvement of this process. It makes it the best manufacturer of transformer oils. Electric insulation oil, which has the best and most stable characteristics in the world, is produced in this refinery.

Safety and environment

Oils are highly marked and fulfill the EU criteria for oils. All NYNAS products are registered in the RACH- Regulation of the European Commission for safety of chemical substances

Facts about NYNAS

NYNAS oils can be found in more that million transformers around the world. Due to their quality and endurance for more than 50 years NYNAS is the main transformer supplier to all the transformer manufacturers. The annual production of transformer oils is around 350.000 metric tons and it keeps on increasing. NYNAS is an IEC group member. NYNAS transformer oils show great characteristics even after 40 years in use and that’s the main reason NYNAS is the first choice to the costumers when it comes to transformer oil insulation.